UroDapter® syringe adapter

UroDapter® on the European market: iAluadapter®

We concluded an agreement with IBSA granting them exclusivity for the marketing and sale of iAluadapter®/UroDapter®, which is packed in one box with their product iAluRil®.

UroDapter® can be attached directly to the syringe so that any solution can be instilled with it into the bladder.

UroDapter® – Urological Syringe Adapter and its parts

UroDapter® – Urological Syringe Adapter and its parts

Strong legal background

It has got the necessary European CE certificate, it is registered by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has strong IP protection in many countries.

​UroDapter® 's patent is pending. 

​PCT international patent application number: PCT/HU2016/000063

UroDapter® presentation videos

Dr. Sándor Lovász on the use of UroDapter®


Using the iAluAdapter® (UroDapter®)


"I've been given bladder instillations through this device for about 12 months now and it has completely changed how I feel about instillations.

Instead of using a catheter they place an adapter onto your urethral opening. The amazing part is that the injection is now essentially painless – and absolutely no pain after treatment.

Talk to your health provider. This is a massive improvement for anyone doing bladder instillations."

– a male patient about the UroDapter®