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According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, the USA) Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome is “a complex, poorly understood syndrome of unknown etiology”. Its most common symptoms are chronic bladder pain accompanied by urinary frequency and urgency. There are at least 5 million people suffer from it alone in the USA. Due to the exceptionally poor diagnostic rate of the disease, the number of latent patients can reach 100 million people globally.

Urosystem has been developing a portfolio which includes medical devices, medications and diagnosis methods focusing on IC/BPS. Our vision and mission are to restore the quality of life for millions of people around the world by bringing our solutions to patients and doctors to be able to timely diagnose, effectively treat, and follow up patients through their lifetime. Most elements of the portfolio can be used in the treatment of other lower urinary tract conditions, such as recurring urinary tract infections (rUTIs) or chemotherapy cystitis.

Urosystem Co. Ltd. is located in Hungary. Its goal is to develop and commercialize the inventions of Sándor Lovász MD. PhD. urologist, Péter Birinyi MD. pharmacist, and their co-workers. S. Lovász is a globally renowned expert of IC/BPS, who is treating more than 300 patients. P. Birinyi is the leading pharmacist of Mikszáth Pharmacy, which was elected as the Pharmacy of the Year in Hungary, in 2015.

Urosystem Co. Ltd. has obtained a D&B Failure Score AAA certification. This indicates that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with the company is low. Only 0.63% of Hungarian companies have this certificate.

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Our partners

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Packed together with iAluRil®, the intravesical drug solution from IBSA (Switzerland), the UroDapter® is also available under the name iAluadapter®, in 85 countries.

Tyro Medical

Tyro Medical's commitment to excellence and their deep understanding of the healthcare landscape make them the perfect partner for us. Their established distribution channels, strong relationships with healthcare providers, and comprehensive market strategies will enable us to effectively communicate the unique benefits and capabilities of the UroDapter® to medical professionals and patients across the United States.

We are looking for partners for our first commercially available product, the UroDapter. This syringe adapter replaces the catheter in the field of bladder instillation; it enables painless and complication-free treatment.

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