Revolutionizing bladder pain treatment

The biggest advantages of the UroDapter®

The UroDapter®

Pain-free insertion

Simultaneous treatment of the bladder and the urethra

Complication-free bladder treatment

No post treatment complications or infections

No risk of urethral trauma or injury

The UroDapter® replaces catheter

Quick and easy bladder instillation with high efficiency

Applicable in 98% of female and 100% of male patients

A quick demonstration on the UroDapter® syringe adapter

UroDapter Web Manual App

How does the UroDapter® work?

  • The specially designed radiused tip easily accesses the external urethral orifice
  • It enters the urethra merely 6-8 mm deep
  • The sealing collar enables the leakage-free instillation of the bladder
  • With the ribbed grip it can be held fast when it is being mounted
  • With the connecting tail it can be attached to both Luer Slip and Luer Lock syringes
  • Moulded from medical grade elastic polymer

A small device with plenty of benefits

The UroDapter® is preferred by the patients to catheters, because:

  • Performing the instillation with UroDapter® is pain-free
  • The UroDapter® causes no lesions to the urethra
  • Unlike catheters, the UroDapter® does not raise the risk of urinary tract infections
  • The instillation causes much less post treatment complications 
  • With the UroDapter®, it is possible to treat the bladder and the urethra at the same time, which is nearly impossible with a catheter
  • Both the duration and the cost of the treatment is significantly lower

A device for many indications

Any solution can be instilled with the UroDapter® into the bladder, assuming it has no adverse effect on the nearby tissues or organs. The device can be applied in the therapy of the following conditions:

  • Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS)
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections (rUTIs)
  • Post-cancer treatment: Chemotherapy-Induced Cystitis
  • Post-cancer treatment: Radiation Cystitis
  • Local recurrence prevention of Bladder Cancer for female patients
  • Instilling analgesics, local anaesthetics, and anti-inflammatories for any indication
  • UroDapter® might be applied for diagnostic purposes, too – e.g. retrograde urethrography, fistulography

The UroDapter® Introductory Webinar by Bela Koves MD, PhD.

"I've been given bladder instillations through this device for about 12 months now and it has completely changed how I feel about instillations.

Instead of using a catheter they place an adapter onto your urethral opening. The amazing part is that the injection is now essentially painless – and absolutely no pain after treatment.

Talk to your health provider. This is a massive improvement for anyone doing bladder instillations."

A male patient about the UroDapter®